Terms And Conditions


We require a 40% deposit of the total tour cost upfront so we can confirm the safari. In low season period so we can be able to secure gorilla permits and also make partial deposits on accommodations.
ACCOMMODATIONS IN THE GORILLAS NATIONAL PARKS: The accommodation can only be confirmed after we have paid for the Gorilla permits as this is when we will know which Family of Gorilla has been allocated to the Guests.

In peak seasons from July to September we require a deposit of 50% of the total tour cost to safeguard the reservations and gorilla permits. The balance will be paid 3 weeks prior to the arrival. 

For bookings coming one month before departure we shall require the full payment of the tour costs.
The payment is made by international money transfer to the company bank account in Uganda.


All cancellation penalty depends on the number of days before tour departure:
Uganda Tour Operators are governed by rules and regulations of U.W.A. ( Uganda Wildlife Authority ). In case of any cancellation of Safari, U.W.A. Cancellation policy will apply.

Please Note : The following percentages will be retained upon cancellation:

0 – 15 DAYS = No Refund.

16 – 45 DAYS = 75% ( 25% refund to client )

46 – 140 DAYS = 50%

140 DAYS and above = 25% ( 75% refund to client).

There is no refund of any unused portion of your safari once commenced. Please note that Gorilla Permits in Uganda are not refundable when already purchased, as this is the policy of Uganda Wildlife Authority.


– Tour tariffs are based on all known costs and rates of exchange at the time of the transfer, any significant changes beyond our jurisdiction will be immediately communicated to our clients.

– We also retain the right to alter any arrangements due to local conditions. We also retain the right to refuse any person from participating or continuing any tour if that person causes or is deemed to cause hazard or inconvenience to other clients and to our environment and ecosystems.

Please note that in Uganda US dollar banknotes of the year of 2014 and above, are accepted easily as older notes will not be taken or will be be given a very low rate. The Bank of Uganda is encouraging guests to come with newer USD $ bank notes in order to control counterfeit, duplication and money laundering.
Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to talk to us about prices of the tailor made safaris – thank you.

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