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Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Tour 1 day:
After breakfast you will be picked from your place of residence / accommodation and we will proceed to Ngamba Island, famous for the Chimpanzee located in Lake Victoria.

We'll  arrive at the Entebbe Pier where we'll depart by boat across Lake Victoria. The cruise will take 45 minutes and will cross the Equator along the way.

Arrive and land on the shore disembark and head to the sanctuary. Here you will get a short briefing before getting to see the Chimpanzees at their morning feeding. You will have a unique opportunity for close viewing of chimpanzees in their natural environment due to the pre-arranged supplementary feeding times (11:00am & 3:00pm each day) that bring the chimpanzees to within meters of the raised walkway designed for easy viewing and provide excellent photographic opportunities.

In the relatively short amount of time you are there you will be able to see such different chimpanzee personalities amongst the group, with some whistling for food and others clapping.

While here we'll also get to visit the neighboring fishing village, discover colorful birds and other wildlife animals who thrive on the island. After enjoying your stay to the Ngamba sanctuary, we'll return to Entebbe in the afternoon and have lunch at a local hotel of your choice or a UWEC Picnic Lunch.

Later we will calmly drive to return back to Kampala by early afternoon. End of Day Tour.





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