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Thank you so much for meeting us at the Rimini Oct-2019 Incontri Tourism Trade Fair. We look forward to materializing our exchange and hope to to meet soonest in the Next trade fair. God Bless you all.
  • Mother and baby rhino
  • Mountain climbing
  • Mother and baby chimpanzee
  • Come meet Mr. Kabukojo Silverback Gorilla in Bwindi National Park Uganda
  • Extreme Adrenaline do the White Water Rafting on the River Nile - Uganda
  •  Maximum -  Rafting on the River Nile - Uganda
  •  Flipping is the Top excitment of the day -  Rafting on the River Nile - Uganda
  • Our Closet living relatives 96% same DNA genes chimpanzees in Kibale Forest National Park - Uganda
  • Silverback's gentle touch
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1 Day:  Snake Park Tour:
After breakfast we will proceed  to the Uganda Reptile Village which  is located on Kampala-Entebbe Highway at Abaita Ababiri.  It is on one hectare of land just 4 km off the Entebbe-Kampala Highway. The area where the Reptile Village is located is fast being developing into a middle class residential zone. They are over 20 reptile species on display and over 50 reptiles in total. Arrive and get introduced, after which the professional guide will begin to brief you and then you will begin the tour which will last for 3 hours. Return for lunch and then later proceed back to Kampala City. End of the Day Tour
History of the Reptile Village:
The Reptile Village was introduced in 2003 and is enclosed in a fence with three large concrete structures standing in the middle as homes for the reptiles. There are over 20 different species of reptiles on display ranging from cobras, boomslangs, skinks, monitor lizards, tortoises, and the most poisonous snake in Africa the baboon viper.
Another basin is home for four different species of tortoises. The details of the reptiles are as follows;
Snake species: The snakes on display include the following;
•    Mambas
•    Pythons
•    Cobras
•    Puff adders